Marilyn Monroe ? Nope, just Marilyn Vos Savant !

Miss MvS

Miss MvS

Well, probably some of Uzz hard aboUT Marilyn, she is the most intelligent woman on Earth with an estimated IQ of 228 at age 10, so she is nou doUbT very intelligent.

One of these dayZ I asked her a question ab-aut da futuRE of computer science, I also mentionE.D. dat I dinK that wi R stiLL in da Dark [night] regarding some facts. Now if the cosmos, multiverse, or maybe even multiverses are notin’ more than computations, giant calculuses, maybe one day we can use all the UNIVERSE[s] to solve our problems, why not ?

It makes sense, to dat EVOLUTION will never STOP, so mayFII 1 dei we wil^2 2 aibal 2 uZ all the computing poWer of da univerSe[s].

Now I’m w8in’ for a reply !


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