Jammin – EyE

I discoverEDnEDDIE someDING2dei, thatSURpriseDDDDmialot, and I don’t get e.z.ly supriseD.

It is quite interesting, I have been always lukIN for peopleZ that were born the same day with MI, but even if I found many, they weren’t born in da seim y-EAR with MOI, so I finaLLy FoUnD some1, who iZ, and it’s not just any1, but a becoming star.

IcUddletudiscoVERwhosheIZbutIwillgiveit2uzwith AUTAnnIeMOREsillYTTok.

Here is my Jammin-EYE !

UmaI.T.knowhersheIZmiSSpokERpha i-Slady2GA !

Well, @ list wiki-ped-o-filia-a sez ZOU ! it sims that others dink she was born on 20th, anywayZ, I wi[l] investig8 !

C u l8rZ !


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