DaArk Nite Inter-pretatION

waaaat will follow will beeAvery y persON Al Bundee interpret A [na]tioNN of DIS very yyy ycode[r] gudmov I.E. 8.0..


mei bum BLEbi da HYpe[ri]ON.. hazzgone, butdasmail MASTgouNOTo0XFF ! aiwo..N.T. 3.5 get IN two two detaiILZZZZZZZ ab NO tINCaN da SCRIPT, 2cauZneffEcT datzNoTT partYOF za PLAN.

1st Bruce LEE, the title is actually not pointer ING 2 a quality of the characters, not not sufice 2 Batman. @ da En DD Gordon describes Batman as The Dark Knight, but the character HIMsel0xFFju ju just callZ himself NOT a HERO !

as 4 da Joke R, if uz XoR 1zzz dink a litt LE kitten, u willlll c dat he is not a JOKER , he is actually more an AC/E. He just pleiz every1111 3-4 a FOOL, even the incoruptable Batty, but probably 0.95 he is da only character that can under- STAND up and SHOUT>> my laif has value, and can pose some NP-complete prob LEMA zz to jokye…

das ver DADDY culiZZ dat, any1 can not spring, summer or winter, and everyone can be any DING RING ding ding, but actua LLY darkkni GH ttt iz a TRAIT of personaliteee, not a character. Sum sa IDd a TT Joker iz schyzofrenik, but he is not , he is not. He is just not a STOOPID, HEY HEY HEY, scheme R. He just pleiz da schemerz laik little PUPPy ETs !

in da end, nobody ~loses, al DOUGH, Gordon says dat Joker won, why ? 2cauz, we still heaven’t put a SM: a-IL on DEATHs POKER face !

It’snotAB not InsiDER trading, it’s about NOT receiv I.n.G a mess AGE !


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