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DaArk Nite Inter-pretatION

June 5, 2009

waaaat will follow will beeAvery y persON Al Bundee interpret A [na]tioNN of DIS very yyy ycode[r] gudmov I.E. 8.0..


mei bum BLEbi da HYpe[ri]ON.. hazzgone, butdasmail MASTgouNOTo0XFF ! aiwo..N.T. 3.5 get IN two two detaiILZZZZZZZ ab NO tINCaN da SCRIPT, 2cauZneffEcT datzNoTT partYOF za PLAN.

1st Bruce LEE, the title is actually not pointer ING 2 a quality of the characters, not not sufice 2 Batman. @ da En DD Gordon describes Batman as The Dark Knight, but the character HIMsel0xFFju ju just callZ himself NOT a HERO !

as 4 da Joke R, if uz XoR 1zzz dink a litt LE kitten, u willlll c dat he is not a JOKER , he is actually more an AC/E. He just pleiz every1111 3-4 a FOOL, even the incoruptable Batty, but probably 0.95 he is da only character that can under- STAND up and SHOUT>> my laif has value, and can pose some NP-complete prob LEMA zz to jokye…

das ver DADDY culiZZ dat, any1 can not spring, summer or winter, and everyone can be any DING RING ding ding, but actua LLY darkkni GH ttt iz a TRAIT of personaliteee, not a character. Sum sa IDd a TT Joker iz schyzofrenik, but he is not , he is not. He is just not a STOOPID, HEY HEY HEY, scheme R. He just pleiz da schemerz laik little PUPPy ETs !

in da end, nobody ~loses, al DOUGH, Gordon says dat Joker won, why ? 2cauz, we still heaven’t put a SM: a-IL on DEATHs POKER face !

It’snotAB not InsiDER trading, it’s about NOT receiv I.n.G a mess AGE !


Marilyn Monroe ? Nope, just Marilyn Vos Savant !

June 5, 2009
Miss MvS

Miss MvS

Well, probably some of Uzz hard aboUT Marilyn, she is the most intelligent woman on Earth with an estimated IQ of 228 at age 10, so she is nou doUbT very intelligent.

One of these dayZ I asked her a question ab-aut da futuRE of computer science, I also mentionE.D. dat I dinK that wi R stiLL in da Dark [night] regarding some facts. Now if the cosmos, multiverse, or maybe even multiverses are notin’ more than computations, giant calculuses, maybe one day we can use all the UNIVERSE[s] to solve our problems, why not ?

It makes sense, to dat EVOLUTION will never STOP, so mayFII 1 dei we wil^2 2 aibal 2 uZ all the computing poWer of da univerSe[s].

Now I’m w8in’ for a reply !

Jammin – EyE

June 5, 2009

I discoverEDnEDDIE someDING2dei, thatSURpriseDDDDmialot, and I don’t get supriseD.

It is quite interesting, I have been always lukIN for peopleZ that were born the same day with MI, but even if I found many, they weren’t born in da seim y-EAR with MOI, so I finaLLy FoUnD some1, who iZ, and it’s not just any1, but a becoming star.

IcUddletudiscoVERwhosheIZbutIwillgiveit2uzwith AUTAnnIeMOREsillYTTok.

Here is my Jammin-EYE !

UmaI.T.knowhersheIZmiSSpokERpha i-Slady2GA !

Well, @ list wiki-ped-o-filia-a sez ZOU ! it sims that others dink she was born on 20th, anywayZ, I wi[l] investig8 !

C u l8rZ !

Intro-DUCK NAtion

June 5, 2009

I will make an introduction about ME. Some of u may know me, at least at name level, and that is a good start, but it’s quite limited really, because at the informational level we are not bounded. Actually we live in many universes at the same time, but ooopss there is no time, it’s just an illusion. Where do i begin ? I HATE BOUNDS, RULES (any kind of rules), I HATE THE WORD “BOSS”! I CAN’T PLAY BY THE RULES,I CAN’T ACCEPT RULES, IT’S NOT IN MY GENES ! I’ve been trained at Wudan ! I am diabolically intelligent, my estimated IQ is 666, but unfortunately stupidity is INFINITE. I am a man of simple taste ! I like computer science, social, financial, web , genetic, cosmic engineering, dynamite, explosives interesting, intelligent, smart, bright, successful, funny, and of course naked women, flying, being smarter t han phlciuer, etc…. Interests ??? Well, do u want 2 know how i got my scars ? Ooopsss, wrong movie…:p Artificial Intelligence :p No really, this is true. Multi-agent Systems Distributed Systems Software Systems Grid/Cloud computing Machine Learning Logics (Classic, Computational Tree, Modal, B.D.I, Multi-modal, Hybrid, Description, Fuzzy) Quantum fields, mechanics, computing, engineering Information Theory 2.0 Game Theory Philosophy + Theosophy Genetics Economics Financial markets Psychology (Jung especially) Fashion Women , Girlz, Women, Girlz,…. A little bit of WISDOM, aggressive expansion>> IF U THINK ENOUGH TIME AT SOLVING A PROBLEM U WILL SOLVE IT(Albert Einstein) IMAGINATION IS MORE POWERFUL THAN KNOWLEDGE !(Albert Einstein) IF U GOT TO GO, GO WITH A SMILE ! (Joker ’89) HAVE U EVER DANCED WITH THE deville IN THE PALE MOON LIGHT? (Joker ’89) THE GOOD DIE YOUNG ! I GUESS I’LL DIE ANOTHER DAY !(007 theme) GREED IS GOOD,GREED IS RIGHT, GREED WORKS ! (Wall Street – Gecko speech) THE ILLUSION HAS BECOME REAL !(Wall Street) WHEN MAN LOOKS INTO THE ABYSS, THERE IS NOTHING STARRING BACK AT HIM, …AT THAT MOMENT HE FINDS CHARACTER (Wall Street) IF U FLY TO CLOSE TO THE SUN, U WILL GET BLINDED AND FALL DOWN TO EARTH.(personal). U ONLY DIE TWICE(personal) LIFE IS A GAME OF IMPERFECT INFORMATION, BUT NOT A ZERO SUM-GAME,BECAUSE IF IT WERE WE WILL STILL BE LIVING IN CAVES!(personal) I’LL DIE WHEN I RUN OUT OF “CARDS”. (personal) LET HE WHO HAS NO SIN, HAVE THE FIRST LAUGH ! (personal) DEATH PUTS A SMILE ON OUR FACE(personal) STUPIDITY IS INFINITE, THAT IMPLIES INFINITE POSSIBILITIES ! IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY, IT’S ABOUT SENDING A MESSAGE!(Joker 2k8) THE DEAD ARE INCORRUPTIBLE !(personal) DON’T JUDGE A MAN BY WHAT HE IS, BUT BY WHAT HE CAN BECOME !(personal) DON’T JUDGE A MAN AT ALL… My favourite : THE BEST IS YET TO COME ! My number is 1-666-GENIUS… WHAT’S MY AGE AGAIN ??? THINGS WILL CHANGE, I am a man of my word !!!

Hello world!

June 5, 2009

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